Curadoria e trabalhos técnicos / curator and tech work (Cur - curadoria / curatorship; Mix - mix; Mst - masterização / mastering; Prg - programação / programming; Rec - gravação / recording)

It's rewarding to work as a technician: I hear new material from incredible artists first hand; I get to know, think and learn about ideas I would never have; and then I have to translate this ideas into something I can manage, to understand the process and the specificities of each work in order to help to convey the artist's message in the best way possible. Quite a work, usually involving layers of different forces, such as technical and personal, aesthetic and others. And to be able to work with such strong creators, enjoying and learning with their works and, when possible, presence and conversations: it is a privilege. Please, visit the artists websites, links and bandcamp profiles and check it all. And, of course, listen to the music, to the non-music, read their texts, check their photos and incredible booklet designs, plenty of material to go deep!

Albums, tracks  
    ~Ø (não-vazio) m.p.s.s.t.n.g.g.c.o.p.p.g. - Gustavo Torres / J.-P. Caron (Rec, Mix, Mst)
    34:46 - Matthias Koole (Mix, Mst)
    Agosto - Thelmo Cristovam (Mst)
    Ao Vivo no SESC Pompeia - Rakta (Mix, Mst. K7)
    Boregas / Miazzo - Carla Boregas / Thiago Miazzo (Mix, Mst)
    Bronte - Bronte (Mst)
    Disputa e Guerra no Terreiro de Roça da Casa da Avó - Marina Cyrino, Henrique Iwao, Matthias Koole, Marco Scarassatti (Mst)
    DOS015_Ao Vivo no Fosso 20190316 - Teratosphonia + Verjault (Rec)
    Eva Mitocondrial - Insignificanto (Mst. Digital and K7. At EMS - Stockholm)
    Exílios 3 - George Christian (Mst)
    Facies - Bella (Mix, Mst. Digital and K7. At EMS - Stockholm)
    Fantasma - Fantasma (Rec, Mix, Mst)
    F U O G N - Charlotte Hug, Thomas Rohrer, Philip Sommervell (Mix, Mst)    
    HADRON - Bella (Mst)
    in/on - Bella / Thomas Rohrer (Mst. Digital and K7) 
    It’s a Decopunk Retrofuturistic Untime Machine - Agla Aëón (Mst)
    Live - God Pussy / Verjault (Rec)
    Microtonal Music for 2 Guitars - Oh Mensch (Mix, Mst)
    Monstera - b-Aluria (Mst)
    A juventude do Rio de Janeiro respira por aparelhos ruidosos - Feliz FM, Nome Morto e J.-P. Caron (Mst)
    Novo Lugar Esquecido - Guache (Mst)
    O tempo entre uma ação e outra (Cur, Mix, Mst) 
    Oye - Renata Roman (Mst)
    Para o povo acordar e se libertar - Hrönir (Mst - forthcoming)
    Sabá - V.A. (Mst)
    SR Showcase RJ 2015 - V.A. (Mst, Rec)
    Tamangur - Thomas Rohrer (Mst - forthcoming)
    Ute Wassermann / Thomas Rohrer (Mix, Mst - forthcoming)
    vers (track: Lady Lazarus) - b-Aluria (Mix)
    Vídeos 2003 - 2013 + Bônus Álbum - Henrique Iwao (Mst)

    Gravação, 38 dias - Gustavo Torres (Prg)


    O Gemer - Xabier Erkizia, Tamara Garcia (Rec)

    atnll2019(20)_Bella, Agla Aëón, Matthias Koole, Thomas Rohrer/Ute Wassermann, Fantasma (Cur, Mix)
    atnll2017_God Pussy, BellaRohrer, Cristovam, Duo Bocaiúva, CaronTorres, Dantas, Verjault, Boregas (Cur, Mix)
    atnll2016_Verjault, Rakta, Insignificanto, Renata Roman, b-Aluria, Iwao, Bronte, Bella, Miazzo (Cur, Mix)


    Brain Washed Brain Dead - Thais Montanari (Mst)
    estudo em nylon [Fosso 8 - Rio, 2019] - Mariana Carvalho (Rec)
    German Lounge Vol. 1, 15:30 - Daphine Jardin (Rec)
    UN - Bella (Rec, Mix, Mst)
    MATTER - Bella (Mst)
    new video by Gustavo Torres (Mst - forthcoming)
    new video by Thais Montanari (Mst - forthcoming)