tplgy.1: our rituals, not as brutal as theirs’

From 2018 on, I’ve been structuring some of my live performances around compositions involving synthesizers, recordings (mostly field recordings), listening and mixing. I’ve been grouping them under the ‘tplgy._’ heading. Eventually some of the studies of the ‘idioms’ which developed into compositions were presented in live settings. I prefer to group them under the ‘tplgy.id_’ heading.  


2019/10/18 - Loplop Livros. São Paulo, Brasil
2019/08/24 - Praça Sete de Setembro. Belo Horizonte, Brasil
2019/08/03 - Fosso. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2019/07/26 - Aparelho. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2019/07/18 - Audio Rebel. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2019/03/16 - Fosso. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil